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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A  Massage

There are many reasons for a person to schedule a massage, including relieving stress and helping with medical ailments. With that said, all sessions are not pleasant for the person giving the massage and/or the person receiving it. If you want to ensure a positive experience for all involved, it would be wise to avoid making any of these mistakes.

1. Forgetting To Shower Beforehand

Whether you believe it or not, there are many people who do not take the time to cleanse their bodies before heading to see a massage therapist. Not only is this unhygienic, but it is not very pleasant trying to massage the body of someone who does not smell very good. Typically, body odor is subjective, so you should take a shower even if you do not notice any offensive smells.

2. Being Late

A massage therapist is a professional and you should not act as if their time is not valuable. Showing up late for an appointment not only shows someone that you do not care about their schedule, but it can throw off their timing all day if they decide to continue with your visit. Things happen and it is not always possible to get there on time, but it would be best to reschedule instead of showing up past your scheduled start time.

3. Soliciting The Therapist

One common problem massage therapists face is having people approach them and solicit them for intimate acts. This is immoral and illegal, so show respect and do not mention this type of thing. While there are some people out there who are willing to toe the line and push sexual boundaries during sessions, they are not the majority. Believing otherwise and behaving accordingly is beyond offensive.

4. Failing To Tip

You should always leave a tip for the person who is performing your massage. Generally, they are paid hourly and the amount you are offering for services goes to the business they work for. As a result, they do not make as much as many would like to believe they do. It is common courtesy to tip anyone who offers you a service, so make sure that you bring a little extra with you.

5. Remaining Silent During A Bad Session

Massage therapists cannot read your mind and it is unfair of you to assume they can. There are many people who receive services and complain later about things that could have been changed during the actual session. For example, if you feel your provider is massaging you far too firmly and you are in pain, speak up and let them know. Do not sit there and take it, then act like they are in the wrong because you did not enjoy your time with them.

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There is nothing like heading to a massage therapist and allowing them to ease your mental and physical stress. With that said, make sure that you avoid doing anything mentioned here unless you want to make the experience unpleasant.  If you are in the Dallas area, and really want a massage, we highly recommend Riviera Massage Services

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